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Richmond ASR? 

timRichmond ASR was created to bring together athletes to promote and participate in adventure sports and racing. By bringing together like minded and adventurous athletes, we could more easily form cohesive teams for the purpose of competing and participating in these sports. The athletes that make up this team are versatile and talented, able to compete in any number of off-road endurance sports in single or multisport fashion.

The ASR Mission

  • Promote not only the athletes but the actual sports.
  • Increase participation and visibility of multi-sports.
  • Promote a healthier, happier public.
  • Introduce our youth to multi-sport adventure racing.
  • Support the venues where we race and train.
  • Trail care and environmental stewardship.
  • Support and promote adventure sports community sponsors.

ASR To Sponsor Camp Hilbert Kid's Races 25-Feb-2011

Richmond ASR will be the official sponsor of the Kids' Blast races at all three of the Camp Hilbert ..

Crossroads Coffee and ASR Join Forces03-Feb-2011

Crossroads Coffee, well known for their quality coffees and delicious menu of meals and coffee - has..

Groundforce IT Joins ASR & Scouts Honor03-Feb-2011

Groundforce IT has become the first sponsor to sign up for the 18 Hours Scouts Honor Top Racer P..

Odyssey Adventure Racing Race Schedule 201116-Nov-2010

Odyssey Adventure Racing scheudle will soon be posted on the Richmond ASR calendar. For those of you..

Can't Hold a Goodman Down!27-Oct-2010

ASR team mate Wayne Goodman has given of his time, money, sweat and blood to build the trails th..

Rowletts Is Now A Kona Dealer05-Oct-2010

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Rowletts Bicycles is now an authorized KONA Bike dealer. Richmond ASR has been..

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