"ASR promotes not only the athletes, but the actual sports. We aim for visibility of the sports, increased participation and a healthier, happier community. "

About Richmond ASR

Richmond ASR was created to bring together athletes to promote and participate in adventures sports and racing. By bringing together like minded and adventurous athletes, we could more easily form cohesive teams for the purpose of competing and participating in these sports. The athletes that make up this team are versatile and talented, able to compete in any number of off road endurance sports in single sport fashion or multi-sport. Through this organization, we can promote not only the athletes but the actual sports and by doing so, increase the visibility of these sports so as to increase participation and assuring a healthier, happier public. In as much as we support the sport and the athletes, we also support the venues where we race and train by working with the land managers and local governing bodies to assure proper maintenance of these areas and minimal impact to the environment. We also support and promote those sponsors that help support the adventure sports community, because without them, much of the racing and training would not be possible.



  • Promote not only the athletes but the actual sports.
  • Increase participation and visibility of multi-sports.
  • Promote a healthier, happier public.
  • Introduce our youth to multi-sport adventure racing.
  • Support the venues where we race and train.
  • Trail care and environmental stewardship.
  • Support and promote adventure sports community sponsors.